Membership Rates and Renewals

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Professional Membership Rates

Join NYSRPS as a member and connect with professionals across New York State.

Find a membership that suits your needs:

Agency - A public, private, voluntary, or non-profit agency serving the leisure service field. Includes recreation departments, college staff and military.

  • Small Agency ($425) includes up to 4 members on roster plus head.
  • Large Agency ($750) includes up to 9 members on roster plus head.
  • Each additional member to roster is $65

Professional ($85-$150) Individual who principally engages in the delivery of recreation or park services.

Associate ($85) Serves as a layperson to the leisure, recreation or park field.

Friend ($50) Parks, recreation and leisure industry enthusiasts that would like to show support for the Society.

Student Chapters - Organized park, recreation or leisure service club at an accredited New York State college or university.
There are two sizes of student chapters:

  • Small Student Chapter ($240)- up to 7 students and 1 faculty
  • Large Student Chapter ($450)- up to 14 students and 1 faculty.
  • Each additional Student ($30) Additional Faculty ($65)

Student ($35) Attends a full time (12 credit hours) leisure service curriculum, such as recreation, parks, tourism, or physical education.

Part Time ($35) works a limited, part time schedule who would like to be connected with park & recreation professionals.

Retiree ($35) Has been employed full-time in leisure services, was a former member for at least five years, and is retired from active service.



Our online system will let you pay by check, credit card or purchase order.

*Commercial Partners please visit Commercial Membership Page


Pictured above: NYSRPS members from the Town of Chili. Photo by Bill Kastner.