One benefit of belonging to a large organization is the power of numbers. With NYSRPS membership spanning New York State, companies seek ways to leverage their reach through our channels. Our partners offer attractive distcounts and streamline your workload.


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US Communities

NYSRPS has partnered with US Communities, which is a purchasing co-op for government, educational institutions and non-profits where members can take advantage of group buying power. As a co-op US Communities is able to extend great cost savings to its members that make purchases through their suppliers (people you might normally buy directly from). By going through US Communities, you can comparatively shop and find best overall pricing and meet the competitive bidding requirements of New York State. Every purchase is attributed to our Society's partnership and NYSRPS reaps a small administrative fee to offset some costs. Contact NYSRPS for information on how to register or visit US COMMUNITIES online.


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Constant Contact

Email marketing and event management has never been easier. Template-based emails for newsletters, announcements, ads, promotions along with surveys and event registration is offered. Through NYSRPS’s affiliation with Constant Contact, our membership is entitled to a 25% annual discount–a benefit of membership. Contact NYSRPS directly for the link so you can enjoy your affiliated membership benefit today!
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