NYSRPS Members

Membership into NYSRPS provides for fellow members the ability to view basic contact information including member name, agency, contact physical address and telephone number. E-mails will not be given out through this list. If you would like to contact a fellow NYSRPS member please call them or you can typically find contact email information posted on the agency website. If you have any questions regarding the membership or your listing please contact us at NYSRPS at (518) 584-0321. If you wish to be removed, please contact pr@nysrps.org. 

If you do not see your name listed, but you have made payment please contact us. Please allow for a two week turn around for checks "in the mail" to be processed. This membership list will be updated on a monthly basis so check back or call if you would like to check your membership status at (518) 584-0321.

We hope you understand having a list viewable for NYSRPS members is a benefit of membership and hope you choose to participate.