NYSRPS Committees and Networks

"For 75 years NYSRPS has been the best professional membership organization for park, recreation and therapeutic recreation professionals across New York State. What makes this possible is adherence to the founding documents that allow NYSRPS to serve its constituents in a meaningful manner. Please visit the Articles of Incorporation and NYSRPS Constitution to see the tenants upon which NYSRPS was built. The Strategic Plan formulates how the original objectives will be accomplished and the Annual Report is a snapshot of how well we are meeting these goals.

NYSRPS would not exist without its membership and the dedicated volunteers who serve to preserve the Society's mission. It is with the belief The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts that we as a body can speak with one voice for the park, recreation, and therapeutic recreation professional. If you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, join us and consider serving in the many ways available."

L. Morahan






Become involved with NYSRPS and join a committee today:

Executive Committee: Debra Keville

Finance Committtee: Nathan Nagle

Elections Committee:Eliot Schwebel

Nominations Committee: Eric Bacon

Annual Conference Committee: Jeff Myers & Linanne Conroy

Recognition and Awards Committee: Charry Lawson

Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Gregg Goodman

Professional Ethics Committee: Linanne Conroy

Past Presidents Committee: Eric Bacon


Strategic Planning Committee Chairs:

Public Policy Development / Peter Finn

Membership Development / Tom Meyering

Professional Development / OPEN

Public Awareness / Tom Venniro

Resource Development / Paul Blake



Mentor / Mentee Program New York
This Member Only benefit connects seasoned professionals with students and young professionals in need of mentorship. By phone or in person, this program allows for individuals needing insight and guidance access to seasoned active or retired park, recreation and therapeutic professionals who would like to give back of their time, experience and knowledge. Please contact Tom Venniro for more information at tvenniro@parmanyny.org.
Program Details (pdf).

The New York Young Professionals Network
Park and Recreation Professionals under 40 represent a growing segment of NYSRPS. This State professional network is just forming and if you would like more information contact Tom Venniro at tvenniro@parmanyny.org