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Who belongs to The New York State Recreation and Park Society (NYSRPS)?

Park and Recreation Professionals throughout New York State since 1940 have benefited from the variety of educational opportunities, resources and networking the State Society provides through a multitude of avenues. College students pursuing a career in parks and recreation also gain knowledge and practical working experience through NYSRPS. Retirees, park and recreation specialists and more all may join NYSRPS to help provide the best professional resources to park and recreation professionals in New York State.


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Therapeutic Recreation Professionals also make a significant contribution to NYSRPS membership. Educational opportunities and CEU offerings along with educational information provided through electronic newsletters, website and webinars also benefit TR professionals in their continual quest to be the best therapeutic recreation professional they can be.


As an NYSRPS member you will receive the following benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Annual Conference and Business Expo
  • Conferences and Education
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Networking
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Employment
  • Publications
  • Resource Center
  • Products and Services

Please visit Membership Rates & Networks for more details on becomming a Professional Member / Agency Member

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Commercial Partners belong to NYSRPS in order to make valueable connections with park, recreation and therapeutic recreation professionals. Businesses are connected with potential buyers right in their back yard and are connected to the NYSRPS regional networks in the areas they serve. As a NYSRPS Business Partner you receive a multitude of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Direct access to NYSRPS Membership through MEMBERS ONLY portal
  • Inclusion of articles and business listing in NYSRPS publications
  • Discounts on conferences
  • Referrals by NYSRPS Society staff/membership
  • Networking opportunities at regional meetings

Please visit Commercial Membership page for more details & pricing.

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