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Board Business

Easy access to all important documents and the latest minutes. Stay close in touch with the latest information regarding the NYSRPS Board, its decisions and direction for the Society. ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to attend the bi-monthly board meetings. Any comments, recommendations and input may be directed to the current NYSRPS President or by calling NYSRPS at (518) 584-0321. Your involvement is key to our success.




One of the most loved features of NYSRPS is sharing relavent news, current topics and trends. How many times have you received an email and 'lost' it. With the communications page you can easily find past issues and electronic copies to save our trees. Please visit the Communications page for the latest issues you may have missed or would like to revisit.


Opportunities Board for Employment, Internships and RFPs

The NYSRSP offers an excellent opportunity to connect members with a variety of internal department opportunities. Whether you are an agency looking to fill a vacancy or share your need for an intern, the Opportunities Board is a great way for fellow members to see your needs and apply. RFPs not only provide a way for you to post your needs, it also allows our commercial members an excellent chance to be one of the first to respond. This members only benefit is a terrific win-win resource for members.

See the latest openings here. If you have a posting that needs sharing please contact 


Grants & Fundraising

NYSRPS relies on membership dues and seeks creative ways to raise money to help support our mission. Click here to see a listing of our current Grant and Fundraising opportunties.



Information sharing is a critical benefit of belonging to NYSRPS. Please visit the Membership tab to see a current listing of NYSRPS professional members. Please remember all commercial members are listed on the public page "Commercial Membership Listing". Visit the Members link here to see the most current listing of NYSRPS members.



We would like to encourage our NYSRPS members to enjoy great savings opportunities extended by our Affiliated Partnerships.

US Communities - enjoy terrific group purchasing discounts through the US Communities Co-Operative Buying Program. Click here to ask how you can MAKE A PURCHASE TODAY!

Constant Contact - E-mail marketing and event management has never been easier. Through NYSRPS’s affiliation with Constant Contact our membership is entitled to a 25% annual membership- just simply by being a member. Contact us directly for the link so you can enjoy your affiliated membership benefit today!