Keynote Speaker

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Gian Paul Gonzalez

Inspiring hope through the power of commitment, being ALL IN. Gian Paul Gonzalez is a powerful speaker who uses vivid mental pictures and unforgettable analogies to convey timeless lessons for success and motivation.

As a former NCAA First Team All-American, NBA Summer League Player and New Jersey Hero Award Recipient, Gian Paul became a Motivator for the 2011-12 New York Giants Football Team and was the originator of their ALL IN slogan which the Giants used to propel themselves to the Super Bowl.

Gian Paul knows how far the power of commitment can take an individual, and how that individual commitment can make significant changes in an organization.

Watch this short video on Gian Paul and the NY Giants.

We are excited to have Gian Paul Gonzalez as our motivator and keynote speaker for the 2018 Annual Conference!


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