Executive Office Staff

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NYSRPS Executive Director
Lisa Morahan

(518) 584 0321 x11
E-mail: lisa@nysrps.org

Ms. Morahan serves as the Executive Director of NYSRPS State Society and manages the operations of the Executive Office. She works closely with the Society's elected Executive Board, along with regional partners and affiliate associations to provide membership with a wide array of services and benefits. Ms. Morahan is a graduate of SUNY Empire State and brings 20+ years experience in customer relations and training & development. She is a proud survivor and founder of cancer support organization floydwarriors.com.


Member Services Director

(518) 584 0321 x12
E-mail: pr@nysrps.org

The Member Services Director is repsonsible for working closely with the Executive Director and Committee chairs for the Public Awareness/ Communication, Professional Development and Membership Development core services of the Society's Strategic Plan.


Office Manager
Ann Marie Pendergast

(518) 584 0321 x13
E-mail: bookkeeper@nysrps.org

Ann Marie is responsible for the financial accounting department, oversees office operations and works closely with the Executive Director and Committee Chairs for the Resource Development and Public Policy core services of the Strategic Plan.