Advertising Opportunities

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Advertise in the 2017 WINTER/SPRING VOICE
This issue will focus on CREATING COMMUNITY





Advertising Opportunities

Advertising is offered in a variety of ways to NYSRPS members and non-members. Reach hundreds of our park and recreation professionals by the variety of means offered including Newsletters, Website, Conferences and bi-annual magazine The Voice. NYSRPS is pleased to offer our commercial members excellent discounts on all advertising. See the advertising opportunities below...



New members have a unique opportunity to be showcased in the New Commercial Member Spotlight section of the Newsletter. Maximize your advertising dollars by joining as a Business Premier Partner (BPP). BPP's receive thousands of dollars in savings by joining in this premium membership category. All NYSRPS Commercial Members are featured on the website and also in the the bi-annual magazine The Voice. Visit Commercial Membership to see all the benefits extended.



MEMBERS - $500 for 6 months / $750 a year (includes logo and link)

NON-MEMBERS - $750 for 6 months / $1,000 a year (includes logo and link)

A monthly online newsletter released on the 1st of every month affords businesses the opportunity for logo and link advertising to hundreds of professionals at once. Rates vary according to months purchased–please contact NYSRPS for more information.



Homepage Banner - ($1,000 value) reserved only for Business Premier Partners

Inside Page Sponsorships - MEMBERS $500 a year / NON-MEMBERS $750 a year



The annual conference is an ideal time to advertise to hundreds of park and recreation professionals at once. SPONSORSHIPS are available that start at $150 and increase with increased benefits including a complimentary booth at the conference and expo. See visit the Events Page for all current conference opportunities. 


The Voice

Now in partnership with Pernsteiner Creative Group, NYSRPS is very pleased to offer advertising in the NYSRPS's bi-annual magazine The Voice. The Winter/Spring Conference Issue enables advertisers to have a terrific way to reach their audience before stepping into the exhibit hall months before the show. The Summer/Fall 'Special Buyers Guide' issue will include a catalog listing of poviders in the leisure services industry. NYSRPS Members enjoy discounted advertising and BPP's are given 1/4 page ads as a part of their benefits package. PLEASE CONTACT PERNSTEINER CREATIVE GROUP FOR CURRENT ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES & RATES.


For all ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES please contact NYSRPS or call (518) 584-0321