2018 Downstate Conference
2018 Downstate Conference
November 13, 2018 Registration Now Open!
NOVEMBER 13, 2018
Westchester County Center
White Plains, NY 10601
2019 NY REC Summit
2019 NY REC Summit
NOW ACCEPTING ABSTRACTS! Deadline is November 1, 2018
Co-hosted by statewide associations New York State Recreation and Park Society (NYSRPS) and the New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association (NYSTRA) the 2019 REC SUMMIT will be a first of its kind gathering of leading recreation stakeholders from across New York State. With the mission to serve professionals and equip them to best preserve, protect and enhance recreational opportunities in NY State, NYSRPS and NYSTRA will lead the way!
2018 CPSI Course Scheduled
2018 CPSI Course Scheduled
The NRPA National Playground Safety Inspector Course is the most comprehensive training program on playground safety.

New City, NY Oct. 24th-26th


The New York State Recreation and Park Society was founded in 1940 and incorporated in 1960. NYSRPS is the principal organization promoting quality recreation and park opportunities for all citizens of New York State through education, training, technical assistance and other support to local, county, state and federal recreation and park providers.

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Education & Events

24th Annual Downstate Conference Opens for Registration
Join fellow park, recreation and therapeutic recreation professionals for a day of education, networking and more!
11/13/18 8:00 AM
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Posted on: 07/20/18 at 9:27 AM
Members have the chance to see all the latest employment opportunities- like the Town of Ogden's most recent posting!
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Musco Lights the Way for Students
Posted on: 03/14/18 at 9:51 AM
BPP Musco Lighting offers to underwrite half the cost of new student memberships.
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